About Us
Satvik Food – is a group of farmers from the western Ghats of Maharashtra that bring to you the most awaited & talked about SENDRIYA KHAT (Natural Fertilizers) cultivated vegetables, directly from our farms to your doorstep in the form of WEEKLY HEALTH BASKET of assorted vegetables.

We are a group from two different geographical areas performing GROUP FARMING with the use of NATURAL FERTILIZERs mainly COW MANURE.

Our GOSHALA (COWSHED) of DESI COW is in our farms and is recognized by the District Agriculture Department as a FARMERs GROUP on a mission to propagate NATURAL FARMING.

Our Mentor & Group Farmer is certified by SRI SRI INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURE SCIENCES & TECHNOLOGY TRUST – Bangalore, as AUTHORIZED TEACHER for their agriculture programs.

In doing so we;
• Offer REASONABLE rates for our produce as we ELIMINATE middleman from the conventional chain.
• Committed to do a FACE 2 FACE interaction in Thane once in two weeks (Sundays) & listen to our consumers and work on their feedback & suggestions for further developments.

Our Value to our LIMITED set of clients is delivering what is HEALTHY & SAFE TO EAT food products that are grown in our farms under supervision and in adherence to NATURAL FARMING process.
Your visit to witness our farms and process of cultivation under natural farming would be a WELCOME.