Cancellations & Returns
  • Your Weekly Order intake closes two days prior to delivery day. For eg: Our delivery day is Saturday, the order intake will be closed at 6pm on Thursday.
  • The order cancellation will be accepted before the order closure time for the selected delivery day. With above eg, your cancelation will be accepted before 6pm on Thursday for that week.
Reason for the above – Farmers are issued quantity & variety based orders for vegetables & Fruits. Since different farmers with geographically spread farms are involved in the chain to fulfill the your orders on TOP PRIORITY, in-between cancellation is not accepted.

Cancellation charges as applicable & balance will be credited to your account within 15 days.

On arrival of your Vegetables & Fruits basket, in the event the produce delivered is not in good condition our nominated executive would replace, return that particular produce on inspection at site. If the executive decides to take the produce return, the amount pertaining to that produce will be credited back to your Satvik Food account.

Returned goods: The amount will be refunded through cheque from Satvik Food to your account.

Balance Amount of your Subscription: In the event you chose to discontinue your subscription the balance amount reflecting in your Satvik account will be refunded to you through cheque payment from Satvik Food account.