Supply Chain
Conventional Method

1. The farmers harvest their farm produce and take it to aggregation point that is a prominent & easy to access point by many farmers of the villages, next day early morning.
2. Aggregator brings it to the local market where local distributors from nearby TALUKAS or even DISTRICTs come for purchases and the rate for produce is decided by the cartel & not by farmers.
3. The residue goes to other market and the primary goes to bigger market for further distribution in the cities.
4. Local traders buy from distributors of the CITY MANDI and distribute to smaller vendors across specific area in the city.
5. Reaches on the second day and to the end consumer second or third day.
6. Mean while vegetables are also stored in COLD STORAGE @0 / 1 Degree Centigrade and liquidated at better rates or to Large ONLINE companies for supply against customer orders.

Satvik Way

1. Our order intake closes 2 days prior of delivery. Customer Ordering closes and processed to generate vegetable wise quantity required to the FARMERs on Day "-1".
2. Day "0" – Harvesting done by various farmers in their farms of required quantity and aggregated to our packaging UNIT. Post-Packaging veggies are LOADED in our CAPTIVE A/C VAN for transport to Thane.
3. Day "1" Reaches Thane & Distributed to Customers as per ordered Variety and Quantity.