In the conventional process – Vegetable & Fruits transportation and distribution takes 2 to 3 days for the produce to reach the retailers for selling to end consumers.

Which means the vegetables passes through and is dealt with multiple hands at various locations in the supply chain, immensely deteriorating its freshness.

In normal course consumers tend to buy these vegetables preferably over the weekends and store it for daily consumption for a week.

We at Satvik make sure the farm produce comes to your home DIRECTLY within 12 to 15 hours from harvesting.

Your assorted vegetables basket contents are harvested & packed in the farms the previous day of delivery day. Thereby ensuring Freshness & Nutrition levels for the entire week when stored in cool and safe place.
We conduct GROUP FARMING under NATURAL FARMING by carefully handpicking

       1. The seeds that are GAVRAN / Non GMO that are reluctantly ignored by farmers given their lesser yield with no price assurance by the buyer.

       2. Some vegetables available only in select regions and in limited Quantity.
              a. For example Gavran Gavar (Country side French beans), Gavthi Shevga (Drum Sticks), etc), Gavran Gajar (Carrots) etc, Gavran Lasun (Garlic) that are high in nutrition value as compared to the HYBRID one’s. These vegetables are not easily available in city market as their yield is much lesser compared to HYBRID category and are consumed at Village/ Taluka levels.
              b. Being RARE commodity, they are also expensive and have lower shelf life, which makes them less affordable & Lucrative for distributers & retailers to sell.
              c. Commercially and logistically it becomes non feasible for retailer to manage a wide range / mix of vegetables considering the chances of wastage, if not sold in stipulated timeframe.

       3. We ensure that our privileged members get to eat the MOST HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS assorted vegetables and Fruits. We deliver weekly baskets of vegetables and fruits of your choice from the produce we grow & provide you with a good mix of healthy seasonal vegetables, freshly plucked from our farms & Fruits.
Q How does farmer benefit out of this?
We and our fellow farmers agree crops and prices in advance considering the limited yield under NATURAL FARMING. The quality is assured by us (farmers) against the assured rate for the produce.

This means they have assured income and you get the pick of the crop of GRADE 1 quality grown under natural farming.
Q How are the rates as compared to local market?
Our produce is grown under natural farming with use of natural fertilizers hence the yields are 60% as compared to chemical based farming. However,
       1. No Middleman in Satvik – Advantage to Satvik
       2. We bring produce DIRECT from our FARMs to your doorstep – Advantage to Satvik
       3. Our farming is conducted in groups and with proper schedules planned – Cost to Satvik and Satvik farmers
              • Yield being lesser under natural farming
              • Packaging of customized baskets at the farms
              • Transportation from Satara & Baramati to Thane / Mumbai &
              • Lastly distribution & delivery to your Door Step

Yet the rates are reasonable and comparable with market rates
Q How different are the products from the locally available products?
Products from Satvik Food are assured on quality & safety, besides we have received many compliments from our regular customers on the natural taste of our vegetables. We are sure your experience would be similar.
Q What is the assurance that these are shipped from the farms?
Satvik Food has its own refrigerated vehicle that collects vegetable produce from our group farmers in SATARA district and brings to the single point – currently in the farm of our another group in BARAMATI where we have leafy vegetables, for packing your customized basket. Your basket comes once in a week for 350 to 400 customers. Alternate day harvesting which means 3 trips in a week.

We are planning to put GPS tracking to this vehicle wherein you would be able to track your basket transport.
Q Do you have any creditable document that authenticates your claim of natural farming?
Satvik Food has exclusive associations with two Groups – one in Satara and another in Baramati. The Taluka agriculture senior level officers have issued a certificate to the groups confirming that they conduct NATURAL FARMING. This certificate has been a result of multiple visits of the agriculture officers to the farms to ascertain the claims.

Secondly, our lead farmers are certified for Natural Farming by not just the government but also the private renowned institutes like SRI SRI INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY TRUST – BANGALORE & IDBI Bank for conducting training on farming based on Natural Fertlizers.
Q Can we visit your farms & which regions are these?
Satvik Food would be delighted to receive you at our farms, It will be our pleasure to be your host and take you through our farms where you can see your vegetables, process of making fertilizers and natural farming.
Q Can we interact with farmers – when and where?
Satvik Food invites farmers to Thane very alternate week to interact with end consumers. Date and place would be communicated via SMS or call to the desiring customers to meet and interact with us and our farmers.