Our value
1. Provide a gateway to our group farmers to directly serve end customers
2. Conduct contract farming with mandatory terms for farmers to follow;
     A. Use certified Organic Fertiliser for farming when under SFPL Contract farming in the land earmarked to growing
         agreed type / variety of produce.
     B. SFPL provides Certified Organic Fertiliser to contracted farms under supervision of trained LEAD farmers.
     C. Insist on owning and serving Desi Cow in their farms and use its Cow Dung and Urine fermented with herbs as
         Pest Control/repellents
     D. Training to be provided by trained and certified trainers on Natural farming
     E. Training mandatory to be attended by farmers under our contract.
     F. Continuous monitoring by our lead farmers of implementation of standards defined by SFPL.
3. Provide assured and better rates to farmers for the produce grown under guidelines provided and in contracted farms.
4. Packaging unit at the aggregation point equipped with modern assets to ensure quality and quantity as per customer order.
5. Packaging unit to deploy workers with adequate training on quality sorting of vegetables and fruits to be packed as per
     customer orders.
6. Transportation with GPS from packing unit to Mumbai
7. Transport in a clean, hygienic and preferably concealed containers
8. Certifications process initiations / completion wherever necessary and mandatory to comply with highest standards to
     fulfill domestic customer needs of fresh vegetables and fruits.
9. Freshness delivered like never before - Harvesting of ordered vegetables done the previous day of delivery
     to customers door step.
10. Credit passed to customers on complaints of vegetables and fruits, if any. Immediate confirmation of the same.
11. Regular audit by third party of processes mentioned / defined in contract for agriculture & land cultivation.
12. Interested and keen Customer visit on requests to our farms, packaging unit to experience farming and packaging process.